Court Services

If you are in treatment with Impact, then you have the Impact reputation behind you every step of the way. Our program has the respect and admiration of many judges, commissioners, attorneys, probation officers, parole agents, and others involved in the judicial and community supervision communities. However, we also have very high expectations of the individuals who defer into our programs to follow our treatment plan and succeed in the process of recovery.

The value of our program rests entirely on the integrity of the program managers, caseworkers, and court liaisons who evaluate and report each client’s treatment experience.

Provided the client is evaluated and has met all the suitability requirements for residential or outpatient treatment; Impact may provide the following:

  • A letter of admission stating that the client has enrolled and been accepted into our treatment program.
  • Clinical assessment and surveys relating to the client’s behavior conditions, nature and intensity of the client’s addiction.
  • Regular client progress reports that are clinical reviews of the client’s compliance within the established treatment plan.
  • A statement of conditional acceptance to the Impact program as a stipulation of a client’s alternative sentencing arrangements.
  • An impact representative can be available in person for every court appearance to speak to the courts with regard to the Impact treatment program.
  • An Impact representative can also be available to accept a client directly from the courts or a correctional facility as a condition of their release.

Drug Court Programs

A Drug Court is a specialized court that offers offenders who are addicted treatment services in lieu of prosecution. Their treatment is supervised by a judge, who relies on the treatment professionals to help in determining the appropriate level of care. Additionally, the judge is informed of how well the individual is doing in treatment through detailed progress reports. Success in the program means that the individual is living a life of recovery & has had their sentence reduced or dismissed. Impact makes no guarantees as to individual outcomes as we are a service provider. It is the courts that make any final determinations.

Eligibility For Drug Court

Eligibility for a Drug Court Program depends on an individual’s charges, criminal justice history, substance use disorder history, willingness to change and other factors. First contact with the Drug Court is usually made through an attorney referral & consult with Impact court liaisons who are located in the courtroom. A screening and evaluation is required, and if criteria for acceptance is met then the Judge informs the individual of the requirements of participation and the client is enrolled.

In-Custody Programs and Sentenced Offender Drug Court

Impact operates In-Custody treatment programs for adult male and female inmates who are Drug Court participants and on track to transition to residential treatment in the community. Often a Drug Court eligible individual will begin treatment In-Custody. The Sentenced Offender Drug Court is an innovative program that enrolls already sentenced offenders and offers them an opportunity to have their sentences reduced and in many cases charges dismissed as a result of successful completion of treatment. Please refer to our representative services above or speak to a specialist by going to Contact Us.