Impact is classified as a dual-diagnosis capable treatment program. We are able to help most people, but others need a higher level of care than we are able to provide. Please contact the Admissions Department for a confidential assessment.
Addiction and alcoholism are serious health conditions. If you need time off work there are options if you act now—before there is a problem at work. You are not alone in trying to balance work and life—let our admissions staff assist you in finding that balance.
Impact accepts most private health insurance to fund treatment, including HMO’s, PPO’s and EPO’s. We are in-network with most providers, which helps you keep costs down. Please contact the Admission Department for a confidential assessment of your health insurance benefits.
Impact does accept Drug Medi-Cal.  Currently, due to federal guidelines, we are only able to accept Drug Medi-Cal for outpatient-based treatment. This is currently a hot political topic and we are expecting things to change soon! Impact never turns anyone away simply because they cannot afford treatment. Please call the Admissions Department to discuss your options.
Impact never turns anyone away simply because they cannot afford treatment. Sliding scale fees, public funding options and scholarships are available. Please contact the Admission Department for information.
No. You have chosen to go to treatment and to focus on recovery from drugs and alcohol. We have found that removing distractions such as cell phones, ipods, tablets and other devices allows the individual to focus on the important work of recovery.
Smoking is permitted in designated smoking areas. Disposable e-cigarettes are allowed, but vape devices are not.  We offer nicotine-cessation therapy when desired.
At Impact we believe addiction and alcoholism are family illnesses.  We also believe that family members are vital to the individual recovery process. We strongly encourage family members to participate in our Family Services Program both separately and with the client in treatment. Family visits will be coordinated with your caseworker and the Family Services Coordinator.
We cannot offer you legal advice, however we can provide letters to the courts that advocate treatment instead of incarceration. We can provide the courts with treatment progress reports and other documentation that confirms your engagement in a program.  We can also work with your private attorney or public defender to help tailor a treatment program that may help satisfy your legal obligations. We regularly transport clients to and from legal appointments supervised by our staff.
Impact offers a clinically-managed sub-acute detoxification program on site in which our staff will supervise withdrawal medications to help stabilize your symptoms and provide you the comfort you need during this tough process. Impact does not offer a medically managed detoxification program.
We believe that aftercare is essential to ensuring that you progress in your personal recovery after treatment and reducing the risk of relapse. Our aftercare program is based in the Outpatient Clinic in Pasadena. We encourage you to continue in the Aftercare Program for at least three months after either residential or intensive outpatient treatment.
We have separate structured transitional living facilities (a.k.a. sober living homes) in Pasadena for clients that have either successfully completed the Impact residential treatment program or are continuing to attend outpatient treatment.
Impact is a co-ed facility, but men and women are housed in separate area. Your treatment team will be assigned based on gender. Some group counseling and group therapy sessions are co-ed and you may interact with the opposite sex during groups. We also provide gender-specific groups. For the most part though, we expect you to maintain strict boundaries, so do not expect much interaction with the opposite sex here.
Impact is one of the most respected drug court providers in Los Angeles County. Drug courts have been proven effective in lowering substance use and recidivism rates nationwide. We provide residential, outpatient and transitional living services participants of the Pasadena Drug Court, Los Angeles and Sentenced Offender Drug Court programs. Your private attorney or public defender can help direct you to an appropriate drug court. Please call the Admissions Department for help with referrals and questions.
Impact incorporates the 12-Step recovery process into a structured dual-diagnosis capable therapeutic setting. The bottom line is that the 12 Step process works! 12-Step Facilitation is recognized by the federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) as an effective evidence-based treatment for SUD. We also use a variety of other evidence-based practices to approach your treatment from every angle. You should expect to attend lots of AA/NA meetings, complete writing assignments based on the 12 Steps, discuss the steps in group and individual sessions and be encouraged to find a 12-Step sponsor to mentor you in your recovery.