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About Impact

Our story

In 1969, Impact House was founded by a dedicated group driven by the idea of one addict helping another. At a time when many struggling with addiction faced jail or institutions, Impact stood out, championing the idea of treatment and rehabilitation. From our inception, despite challenges like leaky roofs and lack of funding, we remained resolute and passionate about offering a lifeline to those in need.

In 1971, Principles, Inc. dba Impact Drug & Alcohol Treatment Center was formally incorporated and we relocated, subsequently establishing our foundation in Pasadena, CA. This relocation led to expansion: upgraded facilities, professionalized staff, a wider range of services, and a more diverse clientele from all walks of life. Family services, court services, psychological services, aftercare, and transitional housing have become fundamental aspects of our holistic approach.

Over the years, Impact has embraced innovative approaches to addiction treatment, introducing highly structured programs that focus on personal responsibility and integrity. Building on our foundational principles, we have continuously developed our methodology by integrating evidence-based practices that enhance self-efficacy and promote long-term recovery.

  • Early Impact before incorporation
  • Impact early days, group of early Impact members
  • Construction of new facilities on the Impact campus
  • Large group of Impact employees from the 80s.

Who are we?

Today, Impact is a recognized institution, licensed by the State of California and nationally accredited by the Joint Commission. Our professional team is certified or registered with the State, and trained in the most up-to-date therapeutic techniques. We are also one of the original and last remaining Drug Court providers in Los Angeles County. We proudly offer an array of specialized, evidence-based practices, long-term treatment utilizing outpatient and aftercare, psychological and court services at all levels of care, extensive family services, and options for transitional housing, ensuring continued support after treatment as individuals take their lives back and reintegrate into their communities.

  • Group photograph of Impact employees in 2024

Our process

The Impact way

Impact remains dedicated to our core mission of providing affordable treatment to help people suffering from addiction get clean and sober. The vast majority of our team, including executive leadership, clinical, and support staff, are Impact graduates with many boasting over 30 years of experience. Our program's success stems from our staff's firsthand understanding of the challenges our patients face in rehab and early recovery, enabling them to guide individuals effectively towards a life free from dependence on any substance.

Our management

Big team. Bigger hearts.

At Impact, our family of over 150 dedicated, highly trained, and culturally diverse professionals passionately serves over 260 individuals daily across our spectrum of care.
Photograph of Executive Director, Christina Gonzales
Christina Gonzales
Executive Director
Photograph of Chief Operating Officer, Ryan Jacobs
Ryan Jacobs
Chief Operating Officer
Photograph of Clinical Director, Shanna Jacobsen
Shanna Jacobsen
Clinical Director
Photograph of Director of Outpatient Services, Rudy Martinez
Rudy Martinez
Director of Outpatient Services
Photograph of Director of Human Resources, Bernadette Ammann
Bernadette Ammann
Director of Human Resources
Photograph of Controller, Ray Quiroz
Ray Quiroz
Photograph of Director of Admissions, Mark Paquet
Mark Paquet
Director of Admissions
Photograph of Director of Development, George Ricciardella
George Ricciardella
Director of Development
Photograph of Director of Procurement, William McLaughlin
William McLaughlin
Director of Procurement
Photograph of Director of Alumni Relations, Don Faris
Don Faris
Director of Alumni Relations
Photograph of Director of Records, Christopher Nava
Christopher Nava
Director of Records
Photograph of Clinical Coordinator, Sophie Ramillon
Sophie Ramillon
Clinical Coordinator
Photograph of Director of Utilization & Compliance, Ladan Harandi
Ladan Harandi
Director of Utilization & Compliance
Photograph of Director of Housing Services, Christa Carbone
Christa Carbone
Director of Housing Services
Photograph of Medical Director, Dr. Michael D. Stone, D.O.
Dr. Michael D. Stone, D.O.
Medical Director
Plus many more.

Our Vision

A world in which every addict has the opportunity to live free from drug and alcohol dependence and active addiction through 12-Step based recovery.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide effective drug treatment services that will Impact the lives of persons suffering from addiction. In pursuit of that mission, we address individual needs through comprehensive assessment and personalized treatment plans, focusing on changing attitude, consciousness, and behavior. Our goal is to redirect the client from a dysfunctional lifestyle to a productive and responsible member of the community.

Our Board

Board of Directors

The guiding forces behind our mission.
Picture of board member Jeff Jampol
Jeff Jampol
Picture of board member Antonio Garcia
Antonio Garcia
Vice President
Picture of board member Gloria Garcia
Gloria Garcia
Picture of board member Robert Massman
Robert Massman
Picture of board member John L. Anderson, M.D.
John L. Anderson, M.D.
Board Member
Picture of board member Lee Aronsohn
Lee Aronsohn
Board Member
Picture of board member Rand Hoffman
Rand Hoffman
Board Member
Picture of board member Alan Roulston
Alan Roulston
Board Member
Picture of board member Judge Michael Tynan
Judge Michael Tynan
Board Member

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