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Family & Alumni Services

Addiction is often a family disease. Impact provides the tools and support for long-term success and recovery for both the family and our patients.

A picture of a woman and a child in a Family Services session, high fiving Family Services Coordinator, Steve Houston


A family disease

Most are not prepared for the trauma and strain that addiction can have on the family. Our family groups educate you on addiction while your loved one is in rehab, offering a therapeutic space to express feelings and begin healing together. Our alumni network provides support after treatment.
Involving the family improves the likelihood of sustained recovery.


Active Participants

Over 200 active family members and alumni in Impact's network.


Events Annually

Over 100 educational and therapeutic family & alumni events per year.


Family Involvement

Of patients who remained in treatment 60+ days, 40% had family participation.


Free resources

All of our family & alumni services and resources are provided at no cost.

Our Team

Our Family Services team

Steve Houston, Family Services Coordinator, and Samuel Ramirez, Assistant Coordinator, together with our Marriage and Family Therapists, facilitate family and couples process groups and provide individual counseling sessions by appointment.
Their collective expertise in family dynamics is crucial for guiding families through recovery and ensuring that family engagement is an integral part of our treatment approach.
Picture of Family Services Coordinator, Steve Houston
Steve Houston
Family Services Coordinator
Picture of Assistant Family Services Coordinator, Samuel Ramirez
Samuel Ramirez
Assistant Family Services Coordinator
Picture of Doctor of Psychology / Licensed Therapist, Sarah Payne, PsyD, LMFT
Sarah Payne, PsyD, LMFT
Doctor of Psychology / Licensed Therapist
Picture of Licensed Therapist, Gina Magallon, LMFT
Gina Magallon, LMFT
Licensed Therapist
Picture of Associate Therapist / Clinical Counselor, Lisa Montagna, AMFT/APCC
Lisa Montagna, AMFT/APCC
Associate Therapist / Clinical Counselor

Signs of Addiction

Can you recognize if your loved one is struggling?

Many families and friends experience the emotional turmoil addiction can cause. Anger, resentment, distrust, helplessness, instability, financial insecurity, confusion, and division is often felt when the addict remains untreated.
We've designed a therapeutic environment to facilitate open sharing of deep emotions about addiction among loved ones, and initiate the healing journey for the whole family.
A picture of a struggling loved one with his face buried in his hands, with the supportive touch on the shoulder by another family member.
Common signs of addiction:
  • Sudden changes in behavior
  • Moodiness or overly emotional
  • Unusual movements, shakiness
  • Increased number of sick days
  • Sudden or unusual weight loss
  • Paranoid behavior
  • Red eyes, dilated or constricted pupils in regular lighting
  • Diminished quality of work at school or on the job

  • Family Services

    What can you do?

    Family members and individuals can participate in group and one-on-one counseling sessions if invited by the client's treatment team or caseworker. Given that treatment is individually tailored, an invitation from the respective caseworker is essential for joining these sessions.
    Should you have more questions, please reach out to our Admissions Specialists by phone.
    Ask an Admissions Specialist

    Join Impact's Alumni Network!

    Our community thrives on the active participation of its alumni network, which includes both long-standing and newly graduated members, each contributing to the ongoing legacy of the Impact experience.
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    Group picture of a family enjoying a meal at a Family Services event.
    Alumni BBQ/Potlucks

    Alumni gatherings for former patients and family to reconnect, sharing meals and memories.

    Group picture of men behind an Impact booth at a fundraising event.
    Fundraising Events

    Pivotal events that generate support and resources for the Impact's initiatives and goals.

    Picture of women volunteering, sorting through a pile of donating clothes for the patients.
    Volunteer Opportunities

    Opportunities for individuals to give back, fostering community and personal growth.

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