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Court Services

Regardless of your legal circumstances, Impact has been the leader in providing Drug Court and other court services for 30+ years.

Drug court participant holding a diploma at a Drug Court graduation, alongside Judge and Impact team


You have the Impact reputation behind you every step of the way

Our program is highly regarded by many judicial and community supervision professionals. We are recognized at the federal, state, and county levels as an Alternative Custody Program (ACP). Additionally, we have very high expectations of our participants to ensure they adhere to our treatment plan and succeed in the process of recovery.
Provided the client is evaluated and has met all the suitability requirements for Residential or Outpatient treatment, Impact may provide the following:
Conditional Entry

A statement of conditional acceptance to the Impact program as a stipulation of a client's alternative sentencing arrangements.

Custodial Transfer

An Impact representative can also be available to accept a client directly from the courts or a correctional facility as a condition of their release.

Admission Confirmation

A letter of admission stating that the client has enrolled and been accepted into our treatment program.

Clinical Profile

Clinical assessment and surveys relating to the client's behavior conditions, nature, and intensity of the client's addiction.

Progress Reviews

Regular client progress reports that are clinical reviews of the client's compliance within the established treatment plan.

Court Liaison

An Impact representative can be available in person for every court appearance to speak to the courts with regard to the Impact treatment program.

What is drug court?

Drug Court programs

A Drug Court is a specialized court that offers offenders who suffer from addiction a chance at treatment services in lieu of prosecution.
Drug Court works.
  • Drug Court ranges from 9 - 15 months in length, usually starting in Residential treatment and transitioning to Outpatient for the remainder.
  • Treatment is supervised by a judge, who relies on the treatment professionals to help in determining the appropriate level of care.
  • The judge is informed of how well the individual is doing in treatment through detailed progress reports.
  • Success in the program means that the individual is living a life of recovery & has had their sentence reduced or dismissed.
  • Impact makes no guarantees to individual outcomes as we are a service provider, and only make recommendations based on patient progress. It is the courts that make any final determinations.
    Old photograph of Jim Stillwell and retired Drug Court judge, Judge Michael Tynan.
    A female Drug Court participant is speaking at the podium in court next to a smiling judge.
    A group of Drug Court participants with their diplomas at a Drug Court graduation.


    Who is eligible for Drug Court?

    Eligibility for a Drug Court Program depends on an individual's charges, criminal justice history, substance use disorder history, willingness to change, and other factors.
    Initial Contact

    First contact with the Drug Court is usually made through an attorney referral & consult with Impact court liaisons who are located in the courtroom.

    Screening & Evaluation

    A screening and evaluation is required, and if criteria for acceptance is met, the Judge then informs the individual of the requirements of participation and the client is enrolled.


    Providing Drug Court services out of Pasadena and Los Angeles courts

    Impact collaborates with courts across LA County to serve a diverse population in need. Our Drug Courts operate at the Pasadena Courthouse, Department D, and at the Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center, Department 43.


    Over 800 Drug Court participants served in the past 5 years.


    377 participants obtained positive discharges.


    47% of participants left our program with positive outcomes.

    * Statistics from 2019-2023. Source: internal outcomes database. Nov. 2023.

    Did you know?

    Impact has been with Drug Court since the start

    Drug Court in Los Angeles started as a pilot program at the Downtown Criminal Court Building in May of 1994. Impact was the original pilot program provider, was amongst the first 13 official providers, and has been a provider ever since.


    Don't qualify for Drug Court?

    Even if you don't meet the criteria for Drug Court but are court ordered to attend rehab, you have options. Impact works with many different courts to provide treatment services that meet legal obligations.
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