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Exterior photo of the Impact Residential Campus, displaying lush greens, palm trees, and the Don Faris Senior's Patio.

Residential Treatment

& Detox

What's it like?

Residential treatment at IMPACT

Located in Pasadena, CA, Impact's Residential treatment program offers a comprehensive, evidence-based 12-Step approach to substance use recovery on a scenic 2.5-acre campus. Emphasizing personal growth and lasting recovery, our facility provides modern amenities, including renovated living quarters, a complete fitness center, and a professional-grade kitchen and dining hall.
A man in Residential Treatment sitting in his room reading a book.
A picture of 8 men and women sitting in a circle during a group therapy session.

Treatment Overview

At the heart of our program are our certified counselors, most of whom are Impact graduates, bringing personal insights to their roles. They specialize in a range of therapies, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Anger Management, Relapse Prevention, and trauma-informed Seeking Safety. Each client receives a tailored treatment plan, crafted in collaboration with a diverse and experienced treatment team. Our "phase system" guides clients through measurable milestones, preparing them for a holistic reintegration into the community.

A day in Residential

What to expect during a typical day at Residential

Our goal is to help you heal, recover, grow, and fulfill your best potential through an engaging structured treatment experience.
Clinical services

Every day will be full of structure and support from the moment you wake up to when your head hits the pillow at night. We offer a wide range of clinical services provided by our experienced treatment team including individual sessions, group sessions, treatment planning, care coordination, random urinalysis testing, and more.

Psychological services

We are a co-occurring capable facility, with a Psy.D and licensed therapists as part of our experienced staff, who provide therapy for individuals with co-occurring and dual-diagnosis needs. Additionally, we assist in finding long-term mental health solutions through community providers.

Therapeutic services

In addition to clinical services, we offer an abundance of therapeutic services to encourage self-care, growth, and fun - including yoga, a fitness center, sports, activities of daily living (hygiene, grooming, communication, etc), beach/park days, sporting events, daily 12-Step meetings, and more.

12-Step program

Impact's treatment model is 12-Step based. All of our patients must obtain 12-Step sponsors and work through the 12 Steps of recovery. Approved sponsors can take patients out on weekly sponsor passes. Our counselors will follow up regularly with both sponsor and patient to offer accountability, guidance, and support.

Family & Alumni Services

Join an active support network of family members and alumni

The disease of addiction doesn't only affect the addict/alcoholic. We offer tools to help the whole family heal.

Learn more at our Family & Alumni Services page.

  • Family counseling
  • Couples counseling
  • Multi-family education group
  • Alumni potlucks & events
  • Family & Alumni Services
    A man sitting next to his sister with smiling faces at one of Impact's family services events.

    Court Services

    Have legal obligations?

    Impact provides an abundance of support for Drug Court and other legally mandated treatment.

    Withdrawal Management

    Detox Options

    Contact one of our Admissions Specialists to learn more
    Sub-acute detox

    Impact provides on-site sub-acute detox, supervised around the clock in a secure and comfortable environment. Our aim is to alleviate the challenging withdrawal symptoms of drugs and alcohol. For many, this is the initial, crucial step in their recovery journey. Our seasoned professionals are dedicated to ensuring this phase is tackled with utmost care and comfort, setting the foundation for a transformative path ahead.

    Determining the right level of care

    While we are adept at sub-acute detox, Impact does not offer a medical detox program. Our Admissions Specialists are well-versed in determining the suitable level of care for detoxification. If a medical detox is deemed necessary, we have partnerships to refer clients to suitable programs. Post medical clearance, we can then seamlessly integrate clients into our program for continued treatment.

    Understanding withdrawal management

    Chronic substance use can result in intense, sometimes fatal withdrawal symptoms. Those ceasing use of opioids, benzodiazepines, alcohol, or certain sleep aids should especially consider a withdrawal management program. Opioid withdrawals, for example, can manifest in physical discomfort like sleeplessness and muscle pain. Alcohol withdrawal can be acutely severe, even leading to hallucinations in certain cases. Stimulant detox, like from meth or cocaine, can induce psychological challenges including depression and potential suicidal tendencies. For any doubts or queries about detox suitability, our Admissions Specialists are on standby to assist.

    The Impact detox experience

    For many, our sub-acute detox program is the gateway to sobriety. We ensure meticulous 24-hour observation, regular health checks, and the provision of necessary medications prescribed by physicians. Clients might engage in individual or group counseling sessions during the day, facilitating an understanding of early recovery challenges. Additionally, our caseworkers collaborate with clients, crafting a comprehensive plan that transitions them into the subsequent treatment phases post-detox.

    What Impact proudly offers

    Comprehensive Recovery Framework

    Our counseling approach

    Guided by Impact graduates, our counseling sessions resonate deeply with the unique challenges of recovery. Our team of certified substance use disorder counselors employs a blend of therapeutic approaches, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and the trauma-informed Seeking Safety method.

    Your personalized treatment journey

    Every client partners with their primary caseworker to craft a treatment plan focused on tangible goals. This journey of rehabilitation is reinforced by a diverse team of professionals, including counselors, therapists, group facilitators, vocational counselors, and program managers.

    The phase system

    Our distinctive "phase system" spans three phases, offering a structured framework to gauge recovery progress. Each phase is anchored by specific benchmarks tailored to the individual's treatment trajectory. As clients progress, they are methodically reintroduced to familial, communal, and occupational spheres, emerging as holistic, rejuvenated individuals.

    Psychological services

    Our expert team, comprised of Psy.D, LMFT, and AMFT professionals, specializes in treating dual diagnosis and co-occurring disorders. With a keen understanding of the interconnected nature of mental health and addiction, they provide comprehensive care that tackles both individual challenges and relationship dynamics.

    12-Step approach

    Our program is firmly rooted in the principles of the 12-Step philosophy, emphasizing personal growth and communal support. As part of this approach, individuals are required to obtain a 12-Step sponsor, actively work through the 12 Steps, and attend daily meetings, ensuring they are fully immersed in the recovery journey and community.

    Family services

    Recognizing the broader impact of recovery, our services extend to families, offering Family Education and Couples Counseling. These programs arm families with the knowledge and strategies to navigate the complexities of addiction, fostering strengthened bonds and mutual understanding.

    CLAS standards

    Committed to inclusivity and equitable treatment, we incorporate CLAS (Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services) standards, ensuring our services resonate with diverse cultural and linguistic needs.


    Our program is designed to ensure clients seamlessly transition back into the community after rehab. This process is meticulously planned, with the end goal of molding clients into mentally, emotionally, and physically robust individuals ready to embrace life's challenges.

    Post treatment support

    Beyond the confines of treatment, Impact remains a steadfast ally. We provide invaluable resources to facilitate stable housing and opportunities in employment or education. We also provide aftercare services, and maintain an active alumni network to keep ongoing connections strong.

    Our Team

    Residential leadership

    Over 100 dedicated staff members work together in our Residential treatment program to support up to 130 clients each day. Highlighted here are some of the leaders who help make our dream a reality every single day.
    Clinical Operations Manager, Jerry Johnson
    Jerry Johnson
    Clinical Operations Manager
    Women's Program Manager, Nancy Bremmer
    Nancy Bremmer
    Women's Program Manager
    Women's Assistant Program Manager, Lena Gonzales
    Lena Gonzales
    Women's Assistant Program Manager
    Men's Program Manager, Christopher Nava
    Christopher Nava
    Men's Program Manager
    Clinical Administrator, Sean Colucci
    Sean Colucci
    Clinical Administrator
    Group Counseling Supervisor, Faurice Russeau
    Faurice Russeau
    Group Counseling Supervisor
    Plus many more.


    Have a question?

    Search our FAQ for answers to things people usually ask.
    Treatment Basics

    You have limited living space while in treatment - so please observe our guidelines.

    Please bring:

    - Insurance card, ID, Driver's License, Social Security Card, Passport, and/or Birth Certificate.
    - Court Papers, including tickets and citations.
    - Prescription medications (must be in original container, prescribed by a doctor).
    - Comfortable clothes for 7 days, laundry detergent (no liquid bleach), basic toiletries.
    - Prescription eyeglasses, pens and paper, personal spending money.
    - Optional: Cigarettes (only unopened packs).
    - Optional: A few sealed snacks and/or beverages are acceptable.

    Please DO NOT bring:

    - Medication that is not prescribed by a doctor (or not prescribed to you).
    - Radio/TV/Electronic devices.
    - Linens, towels, blankets.
    - Valuables (watches, jewelery, gold, etc.)
    - Vapes/e-cig devices
    - Excessive snacks and beverages.

    Please contact an Admissions Specialist for a confidential screening to determine if Residential Treatment is the appropriate level of care to meet your needs. If it is, they will set up an intake appointment with you. If it's not, don't worry! You will be referred to the appropriate level of care to best treat you.

    Our Residential facility is located in the beautiful and charming city of Pasadena, ideal for a peaceful recovery environment. For more information, please visit our Contact page or speak with an Admissions Specialist to learn more.

    Impact incorporates the 12-Step recovery process into a structured, dual-diagnosis capable therapeutic setting. The bottom line is that the 12-Step process works! '12-Step Facilitation' is recognized by the federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) as an effective, evidence-based treatment for Substance Use Disorder (SUD). We also employ a variety of other evidence-based practices to approach your treatment from every angle.

    You should expect to attend numerous AA/NA meetings, obtain a 12-Step sponsor to mentor you in your recovery, complete writing assignments based on the 12 Steps, and discuss the steps in various group and individual sessions.

    Impact offers an ASAM level 3.2 clinically managed Withdrawal Management program for those who have been assessed for Withdrawal Management services. Contact an Admissions Specialist to discuss your needs.

    Impact is classified as a dual-diagnosis capable treatment program. We have licensed therapists on our team who are able to help most people, but sometimes people might need a higher level of care than we are able to provide. Please contact an Admissions Specialist for a confidential assessment.

    We offer services in English, Spanish, and Armenian. We have staff members who are fluent in these languages to ensure clear, culturally sensitive communication. Our Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services (CLAS) committee oversees our commitment to linguistic inclusivity. Your preferred language is considered to provide a personalized and effective treatment experience.

    Impact is a co-ed facility, but men and women reside in separate areas. Your treatment team will be assigned based on gender. Some group counseling and group therapy sessions are co-ed, and you may interact with the opposite sex during groups. We also provide gender-specific groups. With all that being said, we expect you to maintain strict boundaries, so expect minimal interaction with the opposite sex while at Impact.

    Impact is unwavering in its commitment to being an ally of the LGBTQ+ community. Our staff receives ongoing training in LGBTQ+ inclusivity to foster a welcoming and supportive environment. We have a dedicated Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services (CLAS) committee to guarantee that our standards for inclusivity are not only met but consistently upheld. We give careful consideration to your gender identity and sexual orientation to tailor your treatment experience to your unique needs.

    Impact is proud to offer a full curriculum of clinical services for Anger Management and Parenting. Unfortunately, we do not offer Domestic Violence classes at this time, but your Caseworker will be happy to help you find a provider that can offer that service.

    At Impact, we believe in long-term Residential treatment, because it works. On average, treatment can be anywhere from 90 - 150 days before stepping down to Outpatient treatment and Recovery Bridge Housing. Each treatment plan caters to the individual client's unique needs, so the Treatment Team can decide for treatment to be longer, or shorter, depending on what is most beneficial to the individual client.

    You can expect to be randomly drug tested regularly for varying substances while in Residential treatment. There is also the possibility of being drug tested for suspicion of possession or being under the influence.

    At Impact we believe addiction and alcoholism are family illnesses. We also believe that family members are vital to the individual recovery process. We strongly encourage family members to participate in our Family Services, both separately and with the client in treatment. Family visits will be coordinated with your caseworker and the Family Services Coordinator.

    No. You have chosen to go to treatment and to focus on recovery from drugs and alcohol. We have found that removing distractions such as cell phones, tablets, iPods, and other devices allows the individual to focus on the important work of recovery.

    Smoking cigarettes is permitted in designated smoking areas. Vapes and other e-cig devices (rechargeable or disposable) are not. We offer nicotine-cessation therapy if desired.

    Impact has a fully equipped gym for all fitness needs, generously donated by Board Treasurer Robert Massman. Clients are able to gain access to the gym after obtaining a 12-Step sponsor, and going out on their first sponsor pass. Exercising or working out in common areas or personal rooms is prohibited.

    Clients are not permitted to leave the facility at any time without the supervision of a staff member for approved appointments or engagements. Leaving the facility without approval and/or unsupervised will be considered abandoning treatment. In such event, if a client returns, they are subject to a search of their person and property for the safety of others, and re-admittance into treatment is at the discretion of the Program Manager and/or Clinical Director.

    We have a fully stocked store on our campus with items available to our clients at reasonable costs. Our store has snacks, drinks, cigarettes, hygiene products, and brews fresh Starbucks coffee daily. For all other clothing/hygiene/health product needs our Procurement Department will ensure all basic necessities are met at no cost to the client.

    We believe that aftercare is essential to ensuring that you progress in your personal recovery after treatment, reducing the risk of relapse. Our aftercare programs are based out of our Outpatient clinics in Pasadena and East Los Angeles. We encourage you to continue in the Aftercare program for at least three months after completing Outpatient treatment.

    We have separate structured Recovery Bridge Housing facilities in Pasadena and East Los Angeles for clients enrolled in Impact Outpatient. We offer Recovery Bridge Housing to clients that have completed Residential treatment and wish to continue receiving Outpatient services, and to those individuals wishing to begin their treatment journey at the Outpatient level of care.

    For the employee/employer

    Addiction and alcoholism are serious health conditions. If you need time off work there are options if you act now, before there is a problem at work. You are not alone in trying to balance work and life - let an Admissions Specialist assist you in finding that balance.

    An employee battling substance use issues can significantly disrupt the workplace, negatively impact morale, and harm a company's financial performance. Employers face a tough choice: firing a skilled employee can mean losing a valuable asset and investment, but waiting for the employee to seek help independently is often ineffective. Many employers have found success by proactively addressing the issue. Contacting an Admissions Specialist can provide employers with actionable steps to tackle the problem effectively.

    California recognizes addiction and alcoholism as disabilities, qualifying affected individuals for state benefits and medical leave. Employers/employees can consult with an Admissions Specialist to determine the right treatment level of care, including Residential, Outpatient, Recovery Bridge Housing, and/or Withdrawal Management programs. Due to HIPAA regulations, an employee's personal information and association with their employer will be kept confidential.


    Impact accepts most private health insurance to fund treatment, including HMO's, PPO's and EPO's. We are in-network with most providers, which helps you keep costs down. Please contact an Admissions Specialist for a confidential assessment of your health insurance benefits.

    Impact accepts Drug Medi-Cal (DMC) for both Residential and Outpatient services. Please contact an Admissions Specialist with any questions regarding eligibility or other details regarding DMC services.

    Impact never turns anyone away simply because they cannot afford treatment. Sliding scale fees, public funding options, and scholarships are available. We believe everyone who needs addiction treatment should have access to quality care by a professional, well-trained staff. Please contact an Admissions Specialist for more information.


    We cannot offer you legal advice, however we can provide letters to the courts that advocate treatment instead of incarceration. We can provide the courts with treatment progress reports and other documentation that confirms your engagement in a program. We can also work with your private attorney or public defender to help tailor a treatment plan that may help satisfy your legal obligations. We regularly transport clients to and from legal appointments, supervised by our staff.

    Impact is one of the most respected Drug Court providers in Los Angeles County. Drug Courts have been proven effective in lowering substance use and recidivism rates nationwide. We provide Residential, Outpatient, Aftercare, and Recovery Bridge Housing services to participants of the Pasadena, Los Angeles, and Sentenced Offender Drug Court programs. Your private attorney or public defender can help direct you to an appropriate Drug Court. Please call an Admissions Specialist for help with referrals and questions.

    Think you need a lower level of care?

    Ask an Admissions Specialist

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