A Life Management Program That Works For You

Impact Outpatient Treatment Services offer comprehensive, individualized programs for those seeking to address substance use issues in their lives. An outpatient treatment program can play an important role in life management. Work, family and finances can be hit hard if drugs and alcohol have taken control. Committing to a structured, guided program of change can make all the difference in the world. You deserve to live a positive and purposeful life.

Make a phone call and set up an appointment to meet with a certified counselor. They will assess your current situation and work with you to design a treatment plan that best meets your needs.

The Impact Outpatient
Treatment Program

The program begins when you and your certified caseworker discuss how substance use has affected your life. Both of you will develop a targeted treatment plan based on your substance use history, relapse events, family dynamics, employment history, legal responsibilities and social services needs.

Next your caseworker will include the clinical treatment team in the process. The team consists of other certified caseworkers, a court liaison, specialized group caseworkers and a program manager. The team brings a diversity of knowledge, clinical opinions and enhancements to the treatment planning process. The end result will be a treatment plan that is specifically tailored for your successful and sustained recovery.

Outpatient Counseling And Intensive Outpatient Services

All treatment is confidential and designed to fit seamlessly into your busy life. Individualized treatment planning includes group and one-on-one counseling sessions with a certified addiction counselor. Some of the treatment enhancements include: Couples/parenting counseling, anger management curriculum and relapse prevention programs. For answers to frequently asked questions, visit FAQs.

Your Weekly Schedule

When enrolled in our Outpatient/Intensive Outpatient program, clients will participate in individualized counseling sessions that will help them process early recovery and coordinate weekly goals. Each client will develop a weekly schedule of individual counseling and group therapy sessions. During the week, every client will be required to participate in at least 4 NA/AA meetings. As well, a randomly scheduled urinalysis or breathalyzer test will be issued to the client during the week. For a complete list of treatment options at Impact, visit Services.